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We can have ‘a job’, a profession, and also be following a vocation. We can moreover: hate what we do, put up with what we do, take care with what we do and also, love what we do. Sometimes in life we find ourselves without a job, or profession. It appears unjust to us at the beginning. But always, always, it gives us an opportunity to push ourselves to challenge our abilities and use the individual gifts that we all potentially have, despite the fact that they may have spent half a lifetime in the attic. To do it perhaps gives us an inner confidence and a worldly sense to find a real or individual place in the world of work. Mine was a case of early retirement when I was very young. I am now approaching my sixties. Sometimes life gives us the elbow at work; we should welcome the opportunity to return to that place with a lot more consciousness of the best of what we can offer.

Albert Barbé