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Life has taught me the significance of what we experience and what I have learnt is to put that experience to use in the world, that is to say, to serve others. I also know that my attitude towards life has made it possible for me to continue to find opportunities to dedicate my time to what I love doing. In life, all of us suffer crises of health. In life, at one moment or another, we need the help of someone. Illness is a circumstance that limits us on the physical and the objective level and it is also a stimulating opportunity for the spirit and for evaluative introspection. I have also had cancer, I also suffered the impact. I also had to trust in others and I had to listen to a part of myself that I had forgotten. I put myself at your service, to very gladly accompany you in a difficult moment and one of apparent frailty. To allow you to rest and convalesce in an ideal context. That is to say, the time needed for you to recover your strength and to create a new reality. With my good will and respect for the situation of each one of you.

Imma Vives