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Friendship is perhaps the freest type of relationship. It is determined by neither blood, nor roles nor any other circumstances. It is created by an impulse from the soul to cooperate and to delight in the realisation of the wishes of the person chosen. Fundació La Plana is a friend and has its friends, to whom we will always be very grateful. One way of being a friend is to contribute money to finance our accompanying and related activities.

What do we do?

We dedicate our resources and efforts to accompanying all kinds of people with all types of life syndromes, whether they have labels or not, so they can make their own decisions. We guide adolescents, young people and adults to try out new habits and to create a more appropriate context for their individual desires. We contribute so that people in moments of weakness can have a space at their disposal in order to recover. We cooperate with people who have immigrated in order to develop human dignity. Many diverse stories; one objective: human progress. We remain very grateful and… ask whatever you like, please.

If you would like to make a bank transfer, you can do so to the following account: BBVA

IBAN: ES65  0182 3565 91 0200023819

Please remember to send us your details to info@fundaciolaplana.org