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What most makes us stronger is to deeply love what we do. The person with a vocation is in danger of extinction and without them the future of the human race is in danger. At La Plana we have always referred to ‘culture’ as investing resources and effort so that we all have a future. However, sometimes we have only amused ourselves consuming certain cultural products, like just about everyone else. We also welcome people with newly found or cultivated vocations, from near and far, and we diversify our interchanges in the way that the individuals involved require. We are deeply grateful to so many people and groups that have shared their passion in training courses, discussion groups, seminars, summer universities, as well as exhibitions, workshops, concerts, theatre, circuses, dance etc. Since 1986 we have been cooperating with almost everyone that has come forward and also with people that we have sought out. We have made mistakes on occasions and we have learnt a little from them. We will remain undeterred in supporting people who are really struggling, not just pretending to, and who continue to love that which they cannot stop loving without choking the spirit. In our summer cultural weeks, which we have organised for more than two decades, and in specific events, we have been honoured by the cooperation of the wise, the youthful and the orthodox of broad vision and the disciplined heterodox. We have been grateful for their views of reality, in conferences and discussions, with their presence and their participative interest, and also with the diffusion of their projects. Likewise, we have hosted theatre groups, actors, clowns, dancers, writers, painters, sculptors, and musicians… that have been able to rehearse and work at their ease. At La Plana we have also been able to enjoy their work, with the exhibitions and performances they have produced. Interchange, it is that simple.