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We provide accommodation to individuals, families, groups, associations, entities and institutions, who come to rest, enjoy themselves, to commemorate important events, or very often, to work. That is to say, to make society. To provide accommodation is to take in and that is what we do: we receive you, putting our experience at your service. What we have always asked of people who stay in this house is that they respect human values and, as such, the value of what other people think and do. If not, it is not possible to stay with us. We have been proactive in providing accommodation to individuals and groups that for their ideology, values, life choices or simply because of their circumstances, have been silenced, obstructed, marginalised or persecuted. We have done that from the beginning and will continue to do so. Life has brought us, above all, people who love and work to revolutionise, broaden or divulge ideas related to health, mental and physical, therapy, thought, politics, integration, association, education, management of resources, art… well, when all is said and done, a thousand areas and one sole motive: human progress.

The capacity of La Plana is 100 people

Since 1986 we have been creating an ideal space for many types of activities: therapeutic, physical, artistic, contemplative, study, debate, investigation, convalescence and rest… La Plana offers you all its services and provides an infrastructure designed to meet the needs of individuals and groups. The main building is a three-storey stone farmhouse, dating from the 19th century. The two lower floors are of around 200 square metres and have kitchen facilities, dining rooms, bedrooms and living rooms. The exterior annexes have a total of 800 square metres and are designated as collective dormitories and work and activity spaces. The first workspace is of 80 square metres: the floor is of earthenware tiles and/or carpet. It has stone walls and a wooden ceiling. It is equipped with central heating and a music system. The acoustics are excellent and its atmosphere has a timeless character. The second workspace is 130 square metres: it has a wooden floor and an electrical installation that allows the lighting to be adjusted. It is equipped with central heating and a music system, and is very bright. The third workspace is of 75 square metres: it has an arched roof and is of an all wood construction. The space is bright and evocative. It is equipped with a pellet stove and a music system. The fourth workspace is of 60 square metres: it is pleasant, intimate and bright. The floor is covered with earthenware tiles and/or carpet and the ceiling is wood. It is equipped with a music system and is heated by a pellet stove. The library is of 70 square metres: it houses a collection of 5,000 books. There a tables for working and studying. It is a bright room and has excellent views of the surrounding countryside. The pre-Romanesque chapel dates back to the year 1100 and is austere and evocative. In the open air there is a circular wooden structure of 200 square metres with a height of 9 metres at its centre. It is roofed and is well suited to circus and dance activities. We also have at your disposal: a projector, free wifi, tables and chairs. The food is good and delicious, and in accordance with the house itself, it is prepared with your needs in mind.

We are attentive and committed and we will listen to your needs and suggestions.