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The idea of working together has to be the guiding light of a cooperative; the idea which inspired us to create this project in 1986. Thanks to the generosity of many people who placed their trust in us, we were able to acquire the ownership of this property. We became a foundation in 2002, a symbolic step, safeguarding our ideals, the patrimony, and the will to continue; the guiding light of a foundation. Long-term cooperation, it is that simple.

We have always cooperated with the wishes of those people who have asked for shelter and interchange and we have believed in what we can do. We have not always done well and we have made plenty of mistakes! But in doing so, we have learnt not to betray our values and as such, the consequences of believing in what we believe. We have also learnt not to cooperate with those people who do not put their goodwill into doing what they claim they wish to do. It is that simple. We have always gladly cooperated and we always will love to cooperate with people who work to help individuals become better people and thereby also help to build a better society. As far as we can, as far as we know, as far as we can dream. It is that simple.